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Who Is CRE

CRE Spray Booths & Metal Buildings is a licensed California General Contractor (#677607) who since the mid 1980’s has specialized in the Collision Repair Equipment industry being their Turnkey contractor in San Diego County, Imperial County, and many Cities in Southern California. CRE is a distributor plus installation contractor which in the last 10 plus years CRE has branched out not only to the Automotive industry, but to the Industrial, Biotech, Aerospace, and the Woodworking industries to name a few, keeping them compliant with their coating process.

CRE strives to have equipment you need for your coating process and in your budget range.  CRE has several product lines that are top of the line in this Industry and we are pleased to show our clients ranging from our featured Global Finishing Systems booths, to our Sprayline Manufacturing booths, and now our newest line DuroAir.  Plus, everything in between including add-on heaters, mobile work stations, vacuum systems, compressors, and quality airline products.

​If you are looking for a metal canopy to house your new equipment or one as a laundry room/workshop, or a car enthusiast at home we have a range of Metal Buildings as well included in our Turnkey operation. 

CRE has found the importance of well-maintained and serviced equipment is imperative to keeping your asset up and running at peak performance costing you less money in repairs and allowing your shop to work at maximum production and profits.  CRE has opened a Service Department in 2005 to help keep your equipment running top notch.  

​CRE is a proud provider of equipment and service for your coating process.  


At CRE Spray Booths, we've taken our collective experience to create our own methodology to keep your project on track and on budget.


CRE has over 25 years of experience with coating equipment for the Automotive, Biotech, Aerospace, Woodworking, and many other industries. Our TurnKey system works.


CRE's mission is to bring the best technology into your shop or facility to make your operation run smoother, more efficient, and to increase your bottom line numbers or productivity.