Standard Product Features

The following standard features come on with Ultra XD Mix Rooms:

Construction - 4" spill containment, White pre-coated galvanized steel
Dual-skin insulated panel construction

Lighting - 4-tube lighting

Doors - Personnel door with observation window

Intake -Exhaust blower with 1/2 hp motor

Exhaust - Exhaust blower with 1/2 hp motor
(120v, 1-phase)

Controls - Control panel

global - ultra xd mix Room

Dual Skin

Ultra XD Paint Mix Rooms are engineered for two distinct purposes: to control contamination, and to remove harmful fumes during the mixing process. A 4-inch, integrated spill containment means no need for an additional curb, while keeping possible spills contained to one area. GFS' paint mix rooms are available in multiple configurations, and can be connected to paint booths for direct entry

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