By vacuuming away sanding dust, sanding discs have little grit build-up - which means no swirl marks!
It's a proven fact that people prefer to entrust their vehicles to a clean shop.

Improved Results

Increased Business

Reduced Paint Repair and Re - Paints

A Eurovac system reduces the risk of sanding dust settling onto paint jobs. If dust is not eliminated at the source, it has a way of getting into your paint booths - even with downdraft booths and filtered air.

Reduced Sandpaper Costs

Your sandpaper costs will be approximately 30-40% lower. Discs last longer when sanding dust doesn't build up. "Without a dust extraction system installed, discs are thrown away when they are blocked, not worn."
Installing an effective dust extraction system can reduce your company's liability in the eventuality of employees taking legal action if they develop any kind of respiratory condition.

Reduced Liability

Reduce Staff Turnover

Body Shop owners and managers report that after the installation of a Eurovac Dust Extraction System they find that it's easier to hire and keep good technicians. Replacing staff is time consuming and expensive - it can be very difficult to find qualified body shop personnel.

Eurovac Product Information


CRE is a proud distributor of Eurovac Dust Extraction Systems . No matter what type of Industry or Operation, the addition of a Eurovac Dust Extraction System greatly improves, Profits, Throughput of your facility, Working Conditions, and reduces Liability. 

CRE has successfully incorporated Dust Extraction Systems into our complete Spray Application Solutions. Here are some more details of the benefits of a Eurovac Dust Extraction System.

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