All Duroair systems benefit from Taper Draft airflow.  Taper Draft works by pulling a high volume of clean air through an intake filter that, once inside the clean room, creates an envelope of airflow over the work piece avoiding any contamination by environmental elements present at site.  

​The air volume is then extracted from the enclosure through a two-stage tapered filter chamber that provides high levels of CFM and air turbulence required for waterborne coatings.  A wicking process is created by the air envelope that, effectively, pulls moisture off the work piece and greatly enhances drying times and throughput.

Enclosure Systems

Retractable DuroRoomTM enclosure systems solve many problems including not permanently taking up indoor real estate; allowing for use of overhead cranes to move large or heavy objects in place which can be enclosed after they are put in place; and through their modular design can manufacture any size enclosure without the need to re-engineer the system.​
Duroair exhaust systems use patented designs to provide the optimal balanced airflow for the perfect finish, quality and compliance.  All Duroair systems are equipped with variable frequency drives, built in control panels, air regulators, filter monitor and are portable on casters.

​DuroPure captures and thoroughly cleans chemical and particulate contaminated air returning purified air to the indoor working environment.

DuroCap captures over 99% of airborne particulates and exhausts the VOC’s to the exterior.

Filtering Systems


Duroair has developed a family of  filtration and retractable enclosure systems (DuroRoomTM) that can meet all of your Indoor Air Quality needs.

​The heart of these systems is the patented Tapered Airflow system that creates a highly efficient wicking process resulting in improved dry times, superior finishes, clean working conditions even over dirty floors,  and removal of over 99% of airborne contaminants.

​Filtration systems range from 8,000CFM to 120,000CFM and include both indoor air recycling (DuroPureTM) and filtered exhaust (DuroCapTM) systems.

​All systems are available with variable frequency drives controlling airflow.  A manometer is also included on the unit to indicate when filters require changing.

Duroair Product Information


Duroair Technologies evolved from the realization that there were limited ventilation options that addressed space limitations, material handling issues, oversize work pieces, intermittent requirements, and mobility. As a result, we were inspired to develop an innovative solution.

​With a knowledgeable team and significant research and development, the result is an Air Quality Management system built from innovative technology and design, capable of fulfilling the most common of needs through to the very unique. With superior construction, exceptional attention to safety and compliance, Duroair has been identified as an innovative solution for air quality, wherever and whenever you need it.

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